Wouldn’t life be easier if you could cut through the noise to what really matters?

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) Group’s Spectra online magazine brings you the stories behind the industrial innovations transforming our world.

Learn about the latest decarbonization breakthroughs; the technologies that make the modern world work; the trends affecting decisions of those in power, as well as the people who keep the wheels of industry turning.

Spectra lets us share our knowledge, expertise and experience with a global audience.

Our stories introduce industry experts on the technologies helping to bring about a carbon-neutral world. There are also reports on the latest breakthroughs improving our quality of life, and innovations helping to build a safer, more secure future.

You can explore cutting-edge solutions on land, at sea, in the air and venture to the far reaches of space. Or take a deep dive into the energy innovations accelerating the net zero transition: from decarbonizing power generation and heavy industry, with net zero fuels like hydrogen and ammonia, to the resurgence of nuclear power as a sustainable energy source.

The Spectra platform springs from MHI’s commitment to develop real-world engineering solutions that address some of our most pressing challenges.

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