This is how to create clean energy storage with brine


As sustainability continues its rise to the top of the global agenda, energy industry innovators are finding creative and cost-effective solutions to harness and store emissions-free energy.

One American company is creating clean energy storage from salt and water. Texas Brine is partnering with Mitsubishi Power to transform vast underground geological salt caverns into secure storage sites for green hydrogen, produced using renewables.

Salt deposits in the caverns are converted into brine, which is extracted to leave vast empty underground chambers with capacity to store large amounts of hydrogen.

Creating enough future storage capacity for clean alternative fuels, like green hydrogen, is a crucial step in achieving net zero emissions. Hydrogen can store surplus renewable energy, which can then be used as a clean fuel source to help decarbonize power generation or hard-to-abate sectors like transportation and heavy industry.

Watch this short video to discover how innovative solutions can combine with nature to help the world to a net zero future.

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