These countries are global hubs for data centers


Accelerated by the pandemic, record amounts of data are being created, captured, copied and consumed. Global data creation is expected to nearly triple by 2025. But where is all this data going?

Our infographic shows where the world’s main data center (DC) hubs are, and how factors such as the ambient temperature, broadband buildout and electricity prices influence where DCs are built.

This is because DCs have to ensure the highest possible availability and responsiveness, as well as optimising their operations for low power consumption, cooling and CO2 emissions.

How they can achieve this tall order beyond selecting the most suitable location is the topic of a new white paper.

Data Center infographic
Data Center infographic

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Andrea Willige

Andrea Willige has spent many years creating content for the international\nbusiness and technology press, working on behalf of some of the world’s largest technology companies.

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