How to make aluminum drinks cans greener


Do you recycle your used drink cans?

Globally, around 280 billion aluminum cans are produced each year to hold soda, beer and other beverages. 280,000,000,000. Just stop for a moment and consider how big that number is … and that’s just cans.

Manufacturing this many cans and other aluminum products generates a lot of CO₂ — currently around 2% of all human-generated CO₂ emissions. Which is why recycling is such an important part of efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of the aluminum industry.

But there are other ways drink manufacturers can reduce the carbon intensity of their operations, from embracing more sustainable production methods to capturing CO₂ emissions using the latest technologies.

Some of the actions are small steps we can all take.

Watch this short video to discover five ways drinks can manufacturers can get greener.

Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood has been a journalist for over 15 years working in different parts of the world – Asia, Europe and Middle East. He specialises in the energy transition, sustainability and innovation.

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