From hybrid to air-to-water: How different heat pumps work


Heat pumps use electricity to harness ambient heat from the ground, water or air, and are an efficient way of heating or cooling air and water for residential and commercial buildings.

Heat pumps are also a valuable tool in the global decarbonization effort — by replacing condensing gas boilers, they could reduce carbon emissions for 80% of the world’s demand for space and also water heating, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA). Here are six different types of heat pump that can help reduce heating costs while cutting emissions.

Heat pumps of the world unite

Demand for heat pumps was up by 13% in 2021 but needs to reach more than half of total heating sales by 2030 under the IEA’s Net Zero Scenario.

Different situations will demand different heat pumps and the above graphic shows the various ways the technology can pump up the world’s decarbonization efforts.

Ewan Thomson

Ewan Thomson

Ewan has been a journalist and editor for over 15 years, covering commodities in the energy industry, as well as communications, agriculture, oil and textiles markets.

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