Flying taxis and charging highways: The roads of the future


With many net zero ambitions targeting 2050, the global transport sector is also set to undergo a rapid transformation by then.

Getting from A to B will become smarter, leaner and greener with the introduction of technological advances like cleaner fuels, intelligent roads and even flying vehicles that don’t require roads.

This infographic shows what road transport could look like in the coming decades.


A broad mix of technology will transform road transport in the decades ahead

Innovative companies are exploring how to make these technologies a reality. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Group is developing electronic road pricing in Singapore, for example.

Other pioneering projects include vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) demonstration test programs to support autonomous highway driving; development of a testing and verification system for highly automated vehicles; and future refueling advances such as a pioneering liquid hydrogen pump for use in tomorrow’s fuel stations.

Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood has been a journalist for over 15 years working in different parts of the world – Asia, Europe and Middle East. He specialises in the energy transition, sustainability and innovation.

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