APAC’s hydrogen network


Hydrogen’s star is rising in the east, as this fuel of the future looks set to form an increasingly important part of the energy mix of Asia-Pacific (APAC) countries.

Singapore, Japan, Australia and other APAC nations are firmly embracing hydrogen’s potential as a fuel source that can harness surplus energy from renewables, be quickly converted to and from electricity, and is easily stored for long periods. Green hydrogen produced from renewables using hydrolysis could help the region’s expanding economies decarbonize hard-to-electrify sectors like transport and heavy industry.

This graphic offers a glimpse into the very near future showing what hydrogen flows around the region could look like. From production in Australia and South Korea, to converting hydrogen into ammonia for easy shipping, before being turned back into hydrogen to fuel power production in Japan and the heavy industry sectors of China.

APAC's hydrogen network

Katharine Rooney

Katharine Rooney has over 20 years of international experience as a journalist for major news media. Her areas of expertise include energy, infrastructure, sustainability, and emerging technology.\n

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