Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller; it would be remiss to talk about America’s rise to global economic dominance without mentioning the manufacturing tycoons who drove it. Yet the America they knew, the America they helped build, has changed.
In many ways, being a rocket scientist has never been better. Half a century on from the golden age of rockets and moon landings, the space race is back. And the sector is awash with funding: VC investments alone surged to a record $1.8 billion dollars last year, according to data from the Tauri Group (pdf, pg iv).
Early on a rainy February morning, on the seaside launch pad of a remote Japanese island, Mitsubishi H-IIA rocket No. 30 is awaiting its rendezvous with destiny. Once successfully placed into orbit, a satellite began its mission in space while far below the rocket launch team celebrated yet another in a growing list of successful launches.
Gas turbines, also known as combustion turbines, are mainstays of electricity generation in the United States, and will continue to be a reliable alternative even as renewable energy steadily gains in popularity. Westinghouse, which is no longer in the business, was for many years a driver of gas turbine technology development, until a decline in its fortunes required outsourcing of some of its manufacturing operations to Japan by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI), a long-time licensee of Westinghouse’s gas turbine engines.
METEC—The Bright World of Metals Technologies—is a major industrial trade fair that brings together the movers, minds and technologies that are redefining the knowhow required to make steel mills more productive, produce higher quality metals for all types of uses, and comply with environmental and safety regulations. Attended by machinery and technology providers, mill operators and downstream metals purchasers, METEC is more than a sales conference, it’s a forum for pivotal presentations and intensive dialogue between exhibitors and visitors from around the world on business developments and economic and quality enhancing advances in steel production and processing.