Electric vehicles have progressed enormously following decades of weak public perception, but one issue remains a key sticking point for consumers – range anxiety. MTEE has a new solution.
As the way we generate electricity changes, so do the associated greenhouse gas emissions. After over a decade of growth, 2016 was the first year that more electricity was generated from natural gas than from coal, and renewable power generation has also increased dramatically during this time period.
Living on an island may conjure up romantic images, but it isn’t without its challenges - electricity being one of them. Countries with large island territories like Japan and Indonesia as well as a number of African countries often struggle to get power to their offshore regions. Connecting disparate islands with subsea cables is costly and complex. Therefore island power lines are often separate from mainland grids. Building local power plants is usually unviable for the sizes of population served. Offshore power sources like wind and tidal energy are becoming increasingly popular, but they are only practicable when islands can be connected up easily. More often than not, diesel power generators are the last resort, but this is pricey and not environmentally friendly.