There are now more than 340,000 wind turbines spinning around the world and to the casual observer, they look much the same as ever. Yet appearances are deceptive. Thanks to a series of little-recognised technological advances, wind power has become far more cost-effective and prevalent than expected.
On an average day at the Güres Group facility in Turkey, around 14 million chickens lay 2.7 million eggs for distribution around the country and in nearby regions. While the production feats are, no doubt, astounding – Güres is the largest fully integrated egg production facility under one roof in Turkey – the sheer size of the operation and the manure that it produces has created a foul-smelling problem for local residents.
As economic development has spread, cities in many emerging economies have repeated one of the key transport-policy mistakes of western countries — they have allowed space-inefficient private cars to become an important mode of transport in dense cities.
With the world population set to reach nearly 10bn by 2050, higher agricultural yields will be needed to meet the demand for food — just as the likely effects of climate change intensify.