New approaches to filtration and extracting moisture from air promise to alleviate the world’s looming water scarcity crisis.
Masayoshi Harada, the Rotor Manufacturing Supervisor at MHI Compressor International Corporation, is a master of his craft. Masayoshi balances the delicate subtleties of human touch and sensibility to create a machine that cannot be matched anywhere in the world.
Responsible and responsive leadersip was the main theme at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2017 in Davos, while working in partnership was the main topic at Davos 2018. But what does this mean for manufacturers and what is expected of their leaders?
The word 'exoskeleton' conjures up images from movies like Ironman or Alien. But exoskeletons are no longer just science fiction. They are being developed for a wide range of markets, including medicine, manufacturing and construction.
East and West have always had much to learn from each other, in business just as much as philosophy and culture. In the 1970s and 80s, Japan famously revolutionized manufacturing with the just-in-time approach which cut waste by supplying parts only when the process required them. The old system, known as just-in-case, held inventory for every possible eventuality.