In the energy business, perceptions of change often run ahead of reality. The 19th century is widely thought of as the Age of Coal. However, as environmental scientist Vaclav Smil points out, the dominant sources of total fuel use worldwide were wood, charcoal and straw.
MHI Vestas produces wide turbine blades for some of the biggest wind turbines in the world - not in Manchester or the Ruhr District but on the Isle of Wight.
As the crisis in water supply drags on in Cape Town, sending city authorities scrambling to set up temporary desalination plants, scientists elsewhere have unveiled a new technique that could not only make seawater safe to drink but also turn it into a rich source of lithium for batteries.
When BP’s economists published their annual review of world energy this week, the survey revealed a surprising statistic: 17 per cent of the world’s energy growth last year came from renewable sources, the largest increase on record.
Electric vehicles have progressed enormously following decades of weak public perception, but one issue remains a key sticking point for consumers – range anxiety. MTEE has a new solution.