On an average day at the Güres Group facility in Turkey, around 14 million chickens lay 2.7 million eggs for distribution around the country and in nearby regions. While the production feats are, no doubt, astounding – Güres is the largest fully integrated egg production facility under one roof in Turkey – the sheer size of the operation and the manure that it produces has created a foul-smelling problem for local residents.
Modern civilization has evolved at a rapid pace since the beginning of the 20th century. A key factor behind this was the invention of the engine, a new device that powered vehicles and manufacturing machinery. Engines also form the core of generators that produce electricity. Even now, engines continue to evolve as the driving force in support of a comfortable society and manufacturing activities. In 1917, MHI became the first Japanese company to develop and build a diesel engine, and since then has steadfastly pioneered technologies for the reciprocating engine.*