Size matters – at least when you’re generating wind energy. The larger and more powerful a wind turbine, the more efficient it will be at producing renewable power.
Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller; it would be remiss to talk about America’s rise to global economic dominance without mentioning the manufacturing tycoons who drove it. Yet the America they knew, the America they helped build, has changed.
The workplace is changing. Technology is ever-present in virtually every kind of job today, from taxi drivers hired via smartphones, to teachers instructing their classrooms via digital displays. Some of the most dramatic changes of all are taking place in our factories and other industrial environments.
Everyone always wants more for less: individuals, companies and governments. It’s the defining challenge facing businesses as they try to stay competitive. Manufacturing, in particular, has been through radical change as a result of globalization sharply increasing competition.
Still delivering power and driving society Gears have been intimately linked with various forms of human activity ever since the ancient Greeks. They played an important role in the Industrial Revolution by transmitting the power from steam engines, and their distinctive shape is often used as a symbol of industry. Even now, no other power transmitting method matches their efficiency.