Each year, the U.S. economy consumes roughly 120 million tons of finished steel. Vehicles, household appliances, agricultural equipment, eating utensils and, yes, even the device on which you’re reading this article – all are made, in part, from steel.
Speaking at WEF Davos 2018, the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries chairman stressed the importance of chowa by highlighting the company's partnership with Siemens to create Primetals Technologies, an example of competing global engineering companies working together harmoniously.
Size matters – at least when you’re generating wind energy. The larger and more powerful a wind turbine, the more efficient it will be at producing renewable power.
Carnegie, Ford, Rockefeller; it would be remiss to talk about America’s rise to global economic dominance without mentioning the manufacturing tycoons who drove it. Yet the America they knew, the America they helped build, has changed.