Size matters – at least when you’re generating wind energy. The larger and more powerful a wind turbine, the more efficient it will be at producing renewable power.
Many people will have heard of a particle accelerator, but few have even the vaguest idea about what it does or indeed how it does it.
Conglomerates have a long history of turning to science-fiction in order to power innovations for the future.
Solving climate change calls for pragmatic solutions that also address the most pressing economic and social issues of our time. With newer, more technically advanced breakthroughs in greener power generation coming into the fray, the race is on to identify the most suitable solutions and implement them in geographies and communities that need them the most.
The word 'exoskeleton' conjures up images from movies like Ironman or Alien. But exoskeletons are no longer just science fiction. They are being developed for a wide range of markets, including medicine, manufacturing and construction.