With stringent new emissions regulations for marine transport coming into force globally in 2020, the shipping industry is preparing to clean up its act. Is there a solution that is both cost-efficient and environmentally friendly?
Our appetite for energy seems insatiable. Whether it’s to run the increasing amount of digital tech we use every day, or the rapidly growing economies of developing nations, we are all power-hungry.
In the 1980’s, concepts like "kaizen" caught on. Now there's a new word for English speakers to adopt. Japanese businesses use the word “chowa” -harmonious partnership- to encompass a way of doing business. As with all untranslatable words, it is best understood through examples.
Artificial intelligence is one of the important technological advances of the early 21st century. Already it has meant that machines can read medical images as well as a radiologist, and enabled the auto industry to develop autonomous cars.
In the global fight to eradicate hunger, it’s the small, local details that make the biggest change. Smart Like, keeping the tractor moving in a straight line.