Natural gas is set to buck the trend of declining market share amongst fossil fuels. Although more carbon intensive than renewables, natural gas’s useful properties will ensure future relevance.
Today manufacturing relies upon state-of-the-art technology, data and highly skilled engineers. However, the ancient Japanese principle of chowa still has a key part to play.
The oil industry is investing in artificial intelligence and sophisticated data analysis to keep it competitive in a changing energy market.
There is little debate that the U.S. power grid, in the years to come, will continue to be a combination of fossil fuels and renewables. This energy mix is arguably the best way to sustain the world’s growing appetite for energy, especially in places like the United States where per capita, people use much more power than any other country on earth.
A new prospect for cancer treatment opened up last month, when researchers for the first time successfully used tiny, nanometre-sized robots to treat cancerous tumours in mice.