Breakthroughs in robotics and artificial intelligence open a world of possibilities to guard against unseen dangers
When two family cars, both the same make and model but made 17 years apart, went head to head in a crash safety test, the results showed just how far car safety has come.
The exploration of space – the ‘final frontier’ that has inspired so many scientists, engineers and artists – is no longer just the preserve of national governments.
The ability to move an object using brainpower alone might seem like the stuff of science fiction but scientists are making progress in developing brain implants that could enable human thought, via a computer, to control wheelchairs, robotic prosthetics and paralysed limbs.
There are now more than 340,000 wind turbines spinning around the world and to the casual observer, they look much the same as ever. Yet appearances are deceptive. Thanks to a series of little-recognised technological advances, wind power has become far more cost-effective and prevalent than expected.