We’ve come a long way since Henry Ford famously said his customers could have one of his Model T Ford’s painted ‘any color so long as it’s black’.
Ask most people what ‘industrial’ means to them, and it’s likely to be the image of giant ladles pouring hot molten metal into a giant oven. Nothing embodies large scale manufacturing more poignantly than steelmaking in a blast furnace.
The average person goes through each day busy with life, focused on the pressing needs of job, family and existence, and will accept and use all the conveniences the modern world has to offer, or at least those that are readily within reach. He or she has no control over the industrial forces that create the economic booms and busts that deliver or impede opportunity, and rarely, if ever, even thinks about the goings on of the metals making world, which is the genesis of so much that makes the human part of the planet we inhabit work.